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( Player Name ) : Mo
( Personal DW ) : [personal profile] yousonofabitch
( Age ) : over 18
( Timezone ) : EST
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( Character's Name ) : Makoto Tachibana
( Character's Age ) : 16
( Series ) : Free!: Iwatobi Swim Club
( Canon Point ) : episode 6
( Playability ) : n/a

( History ) :
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( Personality ) :

Makoto is kind of a mom. He's always concerned about the other members of the swim team, and always wants to make sure they're both happy and healthy. He feels this is his duty as the team captain, an upperclassman, a friend, and the only one of the whole lot of them with an ounce of actual common sense. He often even goes so far as to put the happiness of others before his own. He agreed to the summer training camp at the ocean despite the fact that he was scared of the ocean. He knew his friends were excited for the trip and didn't want to dampen the mood, even going so far as telling Haruka he was perfectly fine with the idea. Occasionally though worrying about others and trying to keep them in line and well behaved can come across as henpecking and his more insistent requests (like trying to get Haru to NOT wear his swimsuit 24/7) tend to get annoyed much to his frustration.

He’s incredibly resourceful and reliable too, always looking for solutions to impossible seeming issues. He solved the issue of their summer camp and lack of funds by dragging out his family’s camping equipment and getting their old elementary school coach to give them a lift to the island on his squid boat. He’s usually the type who likes to plan things out carefully, make sure everything is organized so everything runs smoothly and no bumps or issues pop up. He get’s startled very easily so he doesn’t like unexpected surprises. Unfortunately for him with the lot he hangs out with unexpected surprises are par for the course. His poor heart. The only thing that will make him abandon this sort of mentality and turn him into a leap before you look sort of person is if someone is in danger. If someone’s life is threatened he will through caution to the wind and do everything in his power to save them, even if it means charging into danger himself.

He's also fairly empathetic, especially with his best friend Haruku whom he's known since kindergarten. He can easily tell when when someone's feeling down even if they're not really showing it. He also has a nice little way of cheering people up with a gentle smile and a few well-placed words. It's also how he manages to get along with pretty much everyone. He just wants people to be happy and calm with no arguing or fighting, evidenced by how well he can dissolve fights between his younger siblings. He also has a way of handling people and getting them to behave with that same sort of ploy... Haruka seems to be growing immune to this tactic though as he will still strip in public even after repeated pleading by Makoto not to. Makoto always seems to know exactly what his oldest friend is thinking too, and often has to interpret his thoughts aloud for him.

His kindness and ability to read others mixed with a health heap of patience make him a great teacher too. He’ll never poke fun at someone who can’t do something, or refuse to help them out. He’ll patiently help them work through it with that reassuring smile of his. If one way doesn’t work out, he’ll try another way, or try and come up with a plan of some sort. He dislikes being unable to help someone, as the team captain he feels he has a duty to his friends and teammates and would hate to look like he’s slacking.

Though this always wanting to make people happy and going with the flow instead of doing or saying what he wants, makes him seem somewhat wishy washy as his friends put it. He's also probably called this because of how easily he's startled and scared. A strange shadow or a weird noise or even just mentioning one of those things will get his heart pounding and clinging behind the nearest person (despite the fact that he’s almost always bigger than his makeshift human shield). These frights are passing though, his heart races but he’s not truly terrified. As mentioned above, his one true fear is the ocean. He feels there is something unknown lurking out there, something unseen that will drag you down without a moment’s notice. He’s fine when swimming with his friends, as if they form some sort of barrier against unknown evils, but alone he can’t handle it. Even with others he still feels a little on edge, a little nervous, but the company lets him push those as far back into him mind as he can. It’s another story when he’s alone though, he’ll completely freeze up.

He doesn’t like letting other people know about his fears and insecurities. He’ll cover up his worries with that same warm smile he always wears and reassures that he’s fine, everything’s fine, he’s not worried and you shouldn’t be either. It’s all part of his perceived role as the responsible one. He doesn’t want anyone to lose faith in him.

( Strengths/Weaknesses ) :

Makoto is an excellent swimmer. In contrast to his kind and gentle personality, his swimming style is rough, violent, and dynamic. In the novel he’s described as resembling an orca closing in on its prey. Unlike a few of the other swimmers who glide through the water he pretty much beats the water into submission. Considering that his muscles make him heavier it’s a justifiable difference. His specialty is the backstroke but in the novel it’s revealed that he’s really good at breaststroke as well.

His greatest weakness is definitely his fear of the ocean. He has gotten better about it in recent years, when he was younger this fear extended to all water somewhat, even the pool.

In a nutshell, he’s pretty much just an average highschooler without any really drastic strengths and weaknesses

( Other Important Facts ) :

Apparently he can put on muscle relatively quickly and without much work!

( Sample ) :
[ Makoto was wet, dripping wet. Which made sense because the last thing he remembered was tearing through the ocean at night IN A STORM to rescue Rei. And he remembered that just as he was about to get him that cold fear clawing at him, making him shiver and shake and completely freeze, unabe to do a thing to help himself in the treacherous waters, never mind someone else. And now he was elsewhere… in some sort of town under what looked like a magical bubble. And because he is Makoto, and he always assumes the worst, that’s exactly what he does right now. ]

I… died?!

[ The thought is so ridiculous but… it didn’t seems all that unlikely! He was fairly certain there weren’t any underwater bubble cities anywhere NEAR where they were holding their training camp. This could be wat the afterlife looked for people who died at sea. Of course this meant he was a complete and utter failure as a captain and an upperclassman. What would Haruka think once he found out he had done something as stupid as drown? His one consolation was that he didn’t see Rei anywhere. He allowed himself to take that as a GOOD sign. He survived. He had to have. Maybe he got washed up on the shore of the nearest island… yes, that’s definitely what happened. As he moved to get up the SFC (which had been resting, undisturbed, on his lap) clattered to the ground. Curious, he picks it up. Some sort of unwieldy cellphone for the dead? Well.. he could always flick it on and see if maybe.. maybe by some strange miracle he wasn’t dead! Maybe instead this was like the beginning of a manga where he’s sucked into another world-and now he’s channeling Nagisa a little too much. ]

Hello? I really hate to be such a bother but I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I am? I was just in the ocean a minute ago and there was this really bad storm and…

[ He winces and laughs nervously. ]

It’s… I mean I didn’t DIE there right? I couldn’t have. That’s completely crazy! This is obviously just some sort of underwater resort. I hope. It’s definitely not the land of the Dead, right?

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